Praise for The Phoenix Pages

As our medical knowledge continues to broaden, our ability to live longer continues to grow. Diseases that were often fatal in the past can now be managed far more effectively resulting in not only longer life, but better quality of life. This is best accomplished when a well trained health care provider works with a well informed patient. Self management is playing a larger and larger role in health care.

A big part of self-management is knowing your medical history, what tests were done when, what medications you take and a myriad of other details.  The Phoenix Pages is a very useful tool to help organize those details.

Rob Bertelink, Cardiac Rehab Supervisor, Heart Failure Exercise and Education Service. Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.

It can be a very useful tool for our transplant recipients to help monitor and track events, test results, concerns, as well as organize and plan appointments. It’s compact and portable so patients can travel easily with their “Pages”, for handy referral when at clinic or physician appointments.

A Transplant Health Professional

The Phoenix Pages really helped me at a time when I wasn’t in control. Just after transplant I had a ton of appointments, medications and new responsibilities. The Phoenix Pages helped me organize myself and all my medical data in one place. I am someone who feels at ease when I am in control or have a good understanding of a situation, and at this point in my life without The Phoenix Pages I would have been lost.

Rodrigo Freitas, Artist & Heart Transplant Recipient

As a potential transplant recipient I found The Phoenix Pages enormously helpful for organizing the volumes of important and often forgotten information. There is a place for everything . The format and comprehensiveness of this book reflects the experience of someone who has “been there.” This is a must have.

Jim, Teacher, photographer, bass guitarist and heart-failure patient